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Open charity, only Peer to Peer and no intermediaries. Communicate directly and openly, ask, comment, evaluate and decide whether to help or not. We verify everyone who asks for help to protect you from scammers. With us, your donation will be delivered from hand to hand. More info...

Peer to Peer
Managed donates


Managed donations, it has become possible with us, donate at your convenience, choose any application for help and do not be afraid to make mistakes, you will always have time to return your donation and send it to another application or split the donation into parts and help several people at once. More info...


In some countries, participation in charity determines the social status of a person. This is a very good trend and we decided to apply it on our platform. We record the charitable activity of each member of our platform and, as a result, reward leaders with virtual awards. It’s an honor to be kind, let the world know its heroes, create your own success story in charity! More info...

Charity achivments
Charity rewards


Donate easily and receive Charity Reward for each of your donations, the platform will offer you a gift in the form of a unique charity Token HelpCoin. This is the first charitable coin in the world provided with socially useful action, new coins appear only after the person who has asked for help, received it from you. 70% of all coins ever issued will be distributed in this way. To do good with us is not only easy and convenient, but also profitable. More info...