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Just buy "HelpCoin" and all the money we get from this sale will be sent to charity.

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Help - transparent!

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Earn - by helping!

Trade "HelpCoin" on exchanges, earn on exchange differences. Keep 100 HLP in your account and get PoS reward.

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Code: HLP, Name: HelpCoin, Issuer address: GBA7SLFDPSZ3FT5WVPVYH62YOI3PFSRP3PVDAAHCMCJOW5W5BKO3VOP4, Max: 1 000 000 000 HLP, Issued: 300000000.00 HLP, Circulate: 1979320.55 HLP

About platform

The DCP "HelpCoin" is aggregator of crypto donations and applications of charitable assistance, if you want it is a charity exchange create on the blockchain. Here people gather who need help and people who can pay for such help. But to provide assistance, almost always, fiat money is needed, so we invited charitable foundations to the platform.

Anyone can publish an application for help. Connected charitable foundations will be able to choose the application they are ready to fulfill. The platform will give them for this part of the collected cryptocurrency donations, which after the exchange for Fiat will go to their bank account, and already with this money the charity fund will pay the bills for the person who asked for help. And you will be able to participate in the decision to allocate donations for each application, you can communicate with a person who asks for help and you can communicate with employees of a charitable foundation who will serve this application.

When the person who asked for help, will pay all his bills, about the payment of which he asked. He will confirm this through the interfaces of the platform, and every owner of a charitable donation will learn that his contribution reached the person who asked for help!

About token

Mining new coins is a headache for society. Proof of Work is the leader among the algorithms for network consensus and mining new coins. Disputes about its energy consumption continue to this day. Technologies do not stand still, and now there are various alternatives, for example, Proof of Stake and other modifications of the consensus, which are more energy efficient. But society dreams of such a crypto coin, which would be mined as a result of some useful action, and not a waste of electricity. And this moment has come!

Meet the unique charity token HelpCoin. The first crypto coin that applied the Proof of Social Work. This is not a new blockchain consensus algorithm; we don’t release blocks at all. This task lies on the network Stellar, which quite successfully copes with it. But our unique, charitable token HelpCoin releasing only after our platform receives confirmation of the fact of providing charitable assistance to any application published on our platform! No more busting hashes, only helping people can release a batch of new coins HelpCoin!

We are releasing HelpCoin in order to attract with it new donations that will save many more lives! Whenever you purchase a HelpCoin on this site, we turn the money you received into a charitable donation and let you know when the funds find a recipient.


Max: 1 000 000 000 HLP
Pre issued: 300 000 000 HLP (30%)
New issue: Proof of Social Work
Distribute: Charity Sale
Bonuses: Proof of Stake


Issued: 300000000.00 HLP
Circulate: 1979320.55 HLP
Platform balances
Charitable: 240000000.00 HLP
Operation: 44930680.34 HLP
Marketer: 0 HLP
PoS Spraying: 13089999.11 HLP


On market

Airdrop: 1979320.55 HLP
Charity Sale: Very Soon

Every month we will distribute coins accumulated in the spraying account, and tokens holders with a balance of 100 or more HLP will receive them, according to stake. Follow the news to know the distribution date.


Babii Petro

Founder, CEO, Developer

Radaev Ivan


Ivanov Serge