The project was founded in 2017 by International crypto-currency charitable foundation HelpCoin. This non-profit charitable organization is based in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine and complies to Ukrainian legislation. The project is charitable, non-profit and socially oriented. The project is financed exclusively by crypto donations. The project is developed on a volunteer basis by a team of like-minded people led by the founder of the project, Babii Petro. We are absolutely open to new people, just email us :)

Our mission

We strive to expand the horizons of charity, filling it with interactivity, absolute transparency, safety and innovative financial solutions. We call this a useful evolution of charity.

We strive to popularize cryptocurrencies and cryptotechnologies, showing one of the many options for their useful applying. We make cryptocurrencies able of changing a person’s life for the better.

We strive to popularize charity, to involve new people and new financial potential in it. We turn charity into a popular and honorable activity, participation in which is very interesting and profitable.

Our team

Babii Petro

Founder, CEO, Developer

Radaev Ivan


Ivanov Sergey



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