Reward for Charity

Posted by: 2019-12-15 21:43:10

One of our global goals is to promote charity. We have done a lot for this, we have developed convenient and transparent interfaces for Peer to Peer interaction. We developed interfaces for safe donation management and ensured a transparent charity process with fixing the activity and achievements of each participant in charity. We tried to make the process of helping people very simple, safe and honorable.

But the main revolutionary product of our platform was the HelpCoin charity token. This is the first cryptocurrency in history, provided with confirmation of socially useful work. When one person or group of people helped another person, the platform receives confirmation from the person who was helped that he received charity help. It is this confirmation of the fact of providing targeted charitable assistance that becomes a signal to the platform for the issue of new HelpCoin tokens. We called this algorithm for issuing new coins - “Proof of Social Work”

The primary role of creating HelpCoin is the economic motivation of users to make donations by compensating for the donation of HelpCoin tokens. Each user, after making a charity donation, will receive a message with an offer to accept “Charity Rewards”, in the form of HelpCoin tokens. The user can accept this reward and sell it on the Stellar DEX, can donate it to charity, or can refuse it.

70% of all issued HelpCoin tokens will be distributed through the Charity Rewards program. The HelpCoin economics provides for the number of tokens, offered in rewards does not depend on the market price of HelpCoin, therefore, the total cost of the proposed rewards may be lower than the value of the donation made, and may be higher. Thanks to this, there is a chance of making a profit from participating in charity through our platform.