Reward for hold

Posted by: 2019-12-16 16:02:55

HelpCoin is absolutely free charity token, 85% of all tokens will be free distributed. The platform, to stabilize the exchange rate and cover its own expenses, will retain the remaining 15%. The Hold Reward program is a way of stimulating token holders in the market. On the 28th day of each month at 12:00 UTC, the platform automatically distributes a certain amount of HelpCoins between token holders with a balance of 1 HLP or more, according to the share of their ownership of the asset.

In this way, at least 15% of all HelpCoin tokens will be distributed. To exclude dilution of the ownership share of HelpCoin holders, three platform distribution accounts are excluded from their number. At least 100,000 HLP of pre-issued tokens, 15% of new HelpCoins issued this month and all Charity Reward that users have refused this month are subject to monthly distribution. You can see the list of HelpCoin holders and Hold Reward recipients and calculate the amount of reward for this program on this page of our website.