Posted by: 2019-12-13 18:55:12

The donation system in the traditional charity process is very simple, the donor only needs to give money. A person makes a one-time decision to donate, and he cannot change his decision. And this is normal, charity is a voluntary thing. But there are situations when such simplicity causes problems, for example, a donor donated in one application, and later saw another and he would like to help this particular person or split the donation into both applications, or the person found out that the application is fake and would like to return his donation.

We decided to modify the donation system, making it not only fully manageable, but also perfectly transparent. When a donor makes a donation through the interfaces of our platform, he does not give it to us, the donation is credited to the internal account in the donor’s personal account and he gets full control over it.

If a donation has been made to a specific application for assistance, this does not mean an instant transfer to the application address, the donation is reserved for this application, and the donor can change this reservation at any time, he can return the donation from the application. Can send it to several applications for help. If the application has not collected the required amount for the deadline set by the applicant, then all donations reserved for it will be returned to the donors and they will be able to send them to other applications for assistance. If the applicant himself cancels the fundraising, then the donations will also return under the control of the donor.

Not everyone likes to make decisions about who exactly to help, not everyone wants to understand other people's problems. Such people can leave a donation on the platform, choosing the directions for which to use his donations, by default, all possible directions are selected. Algorithms of the platform provide for the automatic use of donations in applications for assistance. The platform will select the most rated applications based on the activity of other donors and the reaction of the platform users to the discussion of applications for assistance and will use a donation in one of them. But the donor will still receive a notification that the platform plans to automatically use his donation and will inform in which applications his donations are reserved. If the donor does not like the automatic selection, he will cancel it in one click and the platform will select other applications.

The donation will be transferred to the application for assistance only after the entire required amount has been collected and the next stage of the discussion will end. Only after the application is finalized, the donor will lose the opportunity to manage his donation, but he will receive the warmest words of gratitude directly from the person to whom his donation was transferred. Any donation movement is recorded on the blockchain and the platform’s interfaces allow you to track the donations in real time.

Our project also exists through charitable donations, the donor is invited to allocate part of his donation to support the project, and he chooses how much he is willing to donate to support the project. The donor will not be able to manage the part of the donation that he gave to support the project. But he will receive a notification about when and where we spent his donation. All platform operating expenses statistics are also available in real time.

Moreover, a donation made through the platform’s interfaces can be withdrawn, three months after the payment is made, in some cases it will be necessary to return the Helpcoin reward, but in general, a donation return mechanism is present and it is designed to exclude the loss of donor funds in case of inefficient operation of the platform or its liquidation.