Fixing achievements

Posted by: 2019-12-15 20:11:01

Back in 1954, the American psychologist Abraham Maslow first described the theory of the hierarchy of human needs. And one of the needs is the need for public recognition of various human achievements. Maslow’s pyramid of needs formed the basis of modern management. Now many companies apply this knowledge to motivate their employees. Sport is the best example of the need for recognition, and for the sake of success, athletes give all the best.

The openness of the charity process on our platform has given us a lot of statistical information. We can see how much, when, and to whom a particular platform member donated, we see how actively each platform member participates in the discussion of applications, sometimes we even see how platform members support the HelpCoin on the market.

We decided to give this statistical information a second life, we analyze it and based on this analysis we make various ratings of the charity activity of the platform users. According to the results of various periods of time, we identify the leaders of these ratings and reward them with virtual insignia. Each platform user, regardless of his role, has his own page on the platform website. This page contains all his charitable activities and the awards he has ever received. We have done more, we place our winners on the honor board, we are all proud of these people!

Initially, the profile of each platform user is completely anonymous, when registering, we only ask for an email address. Exceptions are users who have asked for help, we request more information from them. But each user can fill out their profile and make it more interesting. It’s even possible to link the profile on the platform to the profile on Facebook in order to be able to share their achievements there, in such a good and necessary business.

To be kind is very honorable, and do not be shy. In many countries, it is participation in charity that determines the social status of a person. Do not be afraid to be kind, remember, good will always come back to you with even greater good!