Dec. 16, 2019 263

Reward for hold

HelpCoin is absolutely free charity token, 85% of all tokens will be free distributed. The platform, to stabilize the exchange rate and cover its own expenses, will retain the remaining 15%. The Hold


Dec. 15, 2019 414

Fixing achievements

Back in 1954, the American psychologist Abraham Maslow first described the theory of the hierarchy of human needs. And one of the needs is the need for public recognition of various human achievements


Dec. 13, 2019 394


The donation system in the traditional charity process is very simple, the donor only needs to give money. A person makes a one-time decision to donate, and he cannot change his decision. And this is


Jun. 16, 2019 595

Peer to Peer

For the exclusion of intermediaries and maximum transparency, the blockchain is a great idea. Corporate donors are satisfied with the current model of charity, they don’t have time to search and