1,000,000,000 HLP

Maximun supply

300,000,000 HLP


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Circulating in the market

{{ getDistribute }} HLP

Ready for distribution

{{ getOperation }} HLP

Platform holds

{{ getBurned }} HLP

Burned by users when deleting trustlines

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{{ getPosHolders }}

Hold Reward recipients

Distribute accounts

{{ getCharity }} HLP

A charitable distribution account, 70% of all coins are distributed from it, according to the Charity reward program, users who make charitable donations will receive them.

{{ getPos }} HLP

A Hold Reward account of distribution, it distributes 15% of all coins according to the Hold Reward program, monthly they are received by all HelpCoin holders with a balance equal to or more than 1 HLP.

{{ getOperation }} HLP

The platform holds the remaining 15% of all coins on the operational account, in order to stabilize the market rate and cover various operating expenses. For all expenses from this account, you can always see all transactions.