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HelpCoin absolutely autonomous charitable cryptocurrency. It appears as a result of helping people and its worth is determined by how much people value this socially useful work. We ask you to support HelpCoin now and buy some coins, perhaps in the near future, HelpCoin will thank you for your support.

This interface works only in your browser and partially repeats the functionality of any Stellar DEX client. All data that you enter here is not saved by us and is not transmitted to our server, they are used only to create the transaction, sign and send it to the Stellar network.

To buy HelpCoin, you need have trustline to HelpCoin, if you don`t have it, then operation to create it will be included in the transaction. You can choose any depth of HelpCoin purchase by clicking on any line of sell orders. You can set the XLM Price and HLP Amount or set the amount of XLM that you are willing to spend on a purchase.

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Thanks so much for your support!

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You don`t have enough XLM for this operation, try to reduce the HLP Amount and repeat again.

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