1. These Terms of Service apply to the Charity Platform "HelpCoin" (the "Platform"), WEB application, based at the site https://helpcoin.io.
    2. The official developer of the Platform is the International Crypto-Currency Charitable Foundation "HelpCoin" (the "Fund") a non-profit, charitable organization registered in Ukraine, Kyiv.
    3. These Terms of Service are a public offer. When accessing the Platform or browsing the Platform’s website, the user unconditionally accepts all points of these Terms of Service.
    1. The following terms have the following meanings for the purposes of these Terms of Service:
      1. Visitor - any competent individual or legal entity visiting the Platform website.
      2. User - any competent individual or legal entity registered on the Platform website.
      3. Services - a set of Platform interfaces that is provided free of charge to Users and Visitors for making and monitoring the charity process.
      4. Donor - A User who makes charitable donations using the Platform Services.
      5. Applicant - User who has applied for assistance using the Platform Services.
      6. Donation - a charitable donation made voluntarily by the Donor using cryptocurrencies
      7. HelpCoin is a crypto token (cryptocurrency) issued by the Platform according to the algorithm described in the documentation and distributed free of charge among Users.
    1. The Fund provides the User, after registration on the Platform website, using all available Services free of charge.
    2. Some Services are available on the Platform website without registration and can be used by Visitors.
    3. These Terms of Service apply to all existing Services as well as those that may be developed and added in the future.
    4. Some Services use integration with the Stellar blockchain network in their work, and therefore, the Stellar network Terms of Service published at www.stellar.org apply to the Services.
    5. Use of the Services is allowed only for the purposes described on the Platform’s website and in accordance with these Terms of Service and applicable law.
    6. The use of the content of the Platform’s website and its Services is governed by the applicable laws of Ukraine.
    7. Copying of the content published on the Platform’s website is allowed only with a link to the corresponding page of the Platform’s website.
    1. The Fund has the right:
      1. Change these Terms of Service and any content on the Platform’s website at its discretion at any time, with or without notice to Users. The changes take effect at the moments publication on the Platform website.
      2. Change, add or delete any Services at any time with or without notice to Users.
      3. To partially or completely restrict any account of any User in case of violation of these Terms of Service and / or the current legislation of Ukraine.
    2. The User has the right to:
      1. Free use of any Services that require registration on the Platform website, or available without authorization.
      2. Make and manage charitable Donations as you wish.
      3. Participate in discussion of applications for assistance published by Applicants.
      4. Publish applications for assistance after the mandatory automatic verification procedure.
      5. Get HelpCoin for free as a reward for your charitable activity.
      6. Get support regarding the use of the Services and / or HelpCoin through the communication channels provided on the Platform website.
      7. Participate in the development of Services.
      8. Participate in the promotion of Services and HelpCoin through participation in the Foundation’s marketing programs.
    3. User agrees:
      1. Comply with these Terms of Service and applicable laws of Ukraine and the country in which he resides.
      2. Securely store registration data, in particular, a password for accessing the Services and / or private keys for signing transactions.
      3. Immediately inform the Fund of cases of loss of control over the account and / or private keys.
      4. Regularly check the e-mail specified for receiving Platform notifications for timely response to events of the charity process regarding the User.
      5. Use the Services solely for the purposes described on the Platform’s website and in accordance with applicable laws of Ukraine and the country of residence of the User.
    4. The User is prohibited from:
      1. Make advertisements on the Platform website.
      2. To make publications or comments on the Platform website that offend the person or incite hatred.
      3. Try to gain unauthorized access to other accounts.
      4. Make destructive actions aimed at disrupting the operation of the Services.
      5. Use spam mailings to promote the Platform.
      6. Create multiple accounts to participate in Fund marketing programs.
      7. Use the Services in goals to violate the applicable laws of Ukraine and the User country of residence.
      8. Provide fake data when publishing an application for assistance in goal to obtain funding from Donors.
    1. The Donation is stored on a Stellar account specially created by the Platform for the Donor
    2. Donor making a charity Donation without reference to the application for assistance, gives the Platform permission to automatically use the Donation in any applications for assistance.
    3. The Donor has the right, but not the obligation, to recall his Donation from any application for help and send it to any other application for help.
    4. Part of the Donation that the Donor sent to support the Platform will be used automatically and cannot be recall by the Donor.
    5. An unused Donation or a part of it may be returned to the Donor no earlier than three months after making the Donation. If the Donor receives a HelpCoin reward for the donation made, it will be necessary to return the HelpCoin reward to return the Donation.
    6. The Fund undertakes to provide in advance the opportunity to unconditionally return all unused Donations to their owners in the event of liquidation of the Fund
    1. HelpCoin is not a cash or security.
    2. The Fund declares that HelpCoin is an exchange means and can be used by users on any exchanges that support the HelpCoin operation and for goals that do not contradict these Terms of Service and the current legislation of Ukraine and user’s country of residence.
    3. The Fund disclaims any warranties regarding the availability of HelpCoin at any time and at any geographic location. HelpCoin services are provided on an “as is” basis. The Fund is not responsible for wrong user transactions, loss of access to a HelpCoin account, third parties gaining unauthorized access to user accounts and / or blocking user accounts on the Stellar network.
    4. The Fund disclaims all liability for any loss, direct or indirect, including loss of lost profit that the user may incur as a result of using HelpCoin.
    5. Investing in Helpcoin for profit is an extremely risky action. The User independently makes a decision on investing in the HelpCoin and is solely responsible for all possible risks associated with such investments.
    6. In the event a user makes a profit from using HelpCoin, the user is solely responsible for paying taxes to profit.
    1. These Terms of Service are actuality from the beginning of the User’s use of the Platform Services and / or visits to the Platform’s website and / or the use of HelpCoin and throughout the entire period of use.
    2. If you want to terminate these Terms of Service, you must stop using the Platform Services and / or HelpCoin and not visit the Platform website.
    1. The processing of personal data of the Platform user is based on the Privacy Policy.
    1. In the event of a dispute, the User should first of all state the subject of the dispute (claim) in free form and send it to the email address support@helpcoin.io to enable pre-trial settlement of the dispute.
    2. If the dispute could not be settled in pre-trial procedure, the User can go to court at the place of registration of the Fund (Kyiv, Ukraine)